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ISBN: 9781913913250


The Harvard Curse

28 Aug 2021

Clementine Miller, Eveline Macdonald and Adrien Renard all disappear at the end of the 2019 fall term at Harvard University. The press dub it ‘The Harvard Curse’ – but what has really happened? 

To solve this mystery we must follow Clementine and Adrien in the months before they vanish – as the pair meet and run into a world of trouble together. 

Through the complicity of new and old friends alike, they disappear leaving a trail of evidence that will change how readers judge the events, decide who is to blame and what The Harvard Curse is really about.

Lovers of mysteries will lose themselves in the changing seasons of a New England university campus as the secrets slowly reveal themselves.

NetGalley reviews:

“I love books that can fall under dark academia and this was no exception. A really good suspenseful read with dark undertones and a great setting.”

“Disturbing, Dark Edge… Secrets will be revealed in this engaging, well written, well researched mystery with a disturbing, dark edge and a credible cast of characters.”

“An enjoyable mystery psych thriller with some really interesting characters playing parts in a story of obsession and grief […] I do love a university setting and this was a good one with a cleverly horrible ending that was satisfying and disturbing.”

Martin Chevreau has worked in Spain, Brussels and the United Kingdom, and has a passion for traveling, not only to different corners of the world but also through books. With The Harvard Curse, he combines his research skills with his love of travel to transport the reader through the seasons at Harvard University’s campus. Martin is currently finishing his degree in Politics and Spanish at the University of Surrey and lives in Ealing.