Aidan Sinclair

Aidan Sinclair studied history at university before embarking on a career in the military. Now his service has ended, he writes articles based on his research of international cultural history. He is currently writing a series of novels centred on the character, Alexander Burford. This paranormal fantasy series blends the past with the present in order to examine the ongoing 'culture war' in British discourse. 

Aidan lives in Hampshire, where he also works as a musician.

On Second Sight is his first novel. A follow-up to On Second Sight is in development.

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Email: [email protected] 

Twitter: @SinclairNovels

Aidan Sinclair's Books

ISBN: 9781915122605


On Second Sight

28 Aug 2022

All is not well in Great Britain.

In an anthropomorphic version of the United Kingdom, the past is brought to the present when an entrepreneur discovers a long-lost monolith. It can grant him the power to call upon spirits to aid him in a diabolical scheme.

By chance, the small-time journalist and Gloucester bull, Alexander Burford, finds himself caught in the crossfire. The spirits implore him to put an end to the industrialist’s nefarious plans and restore balance between the physical and spiritual realms. With the help of his friends, he must put aside any rational reasoning and plunge himself into a world of mysticism, mythology and adventure.

Yet dark forces conspire against him in his mission, in which only wit and determination can lead him to victory. Can he come to terms with his new reality and overcome the doubts about his new role as a paranormal investigator?


Aidan Sinclair is a writer of paranormal fiction. He studied history at university and seeks to make the subject more accessible, possibly even entertaining. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and can often be found walking around the South Downs. On Second Sight is his debut novel.