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ISBN: 9781914471483


The Calloway Sisters

28 Apr 2022

In affluent post-Edwardian Melbourne, the lives of two sisters are irrevocably altered as the secrets and misdemeanours of their parents’ generation have a devastating impact on theirs.

As the belle-epoch and the age of deference are shattered by a conflict begun in Europe, Agnes and Sarah will be challenged as volunteer nurses in a theatre of war that is like no conflict ever previously experienced. Meanwhile, others back home will be forced to confront the sins of their past…

K. A. Lalani lives in Crawley, West Sussex and has worked in finance and accounting throughout his career. He has a passion for history and reached the semi-final stage on BBC Mastermind in 2018/19. He is the author of Unto the Skies, the biography of Amy Johnson and The Rules of Engagement, his first historical novel.

ISBN: 9781915853400


A Season in Fitzrovia

28 Nov 2023

It is 1922 and the aftermath of a horrific war hangs over a talented group of artists as they begin their freshmen year at the Slade School of Fine Art. Artistic ambitions burn bright for Paul Crowley and Jack Trevelyan. The desire to be the greatest artists of their generation is urging them on, but not – they hope – at the cost of their friendship.

For the group of talented artists around them, the struggle to establish themselves brings new challenges amid the din of the Roaring Twenties. Conscious of having been spared the horror of the trenches, they strive to make their mark and become the celebrated clique of their generation.


K. A. Lalani lives in Crawley, West Sussex, and has worked in finance and accounting throughout his career. He reached the semi-final stage on BBC Mastermind in 2018/19. History has always been of great interest to him, and he has published two historical novels, The Rules of Engagement and The Calloway Sisters, as well as Unto the Skies, the biography of Amy Johnson.

ISBN: 9781912881024


The Rules of Engagement

28 Apr 2019

The Rules of Engagement begins on 28th June 1914 when the two protagonists will be enjoying an idyllic, warm weekend, unaware that events in the underbelly of Europe will have an impact on the entire world and their own lives within forty days. For the next three years, they are fighting on the Western Front, living each twenty-four hours as if it could be their last.

The two protagonists are Alex and Daniel (the Viscount Swiffen) – two young men from polar opposites of the social spectrum. They portray how World War One impacted all men of fighting age, whether they volunteered in the glorious summer of August in a flush of hyperbole or bided their time and hoped they could escape the call to arms...

K. A. Lalani lives in Crawley, West Sussex. He has worked in finance and accounting throughout his career. In his spare time, writing has always been his passion. In 2017, K. A. Lalani published Unto the Skies with The Book Guild (9781911320333), a biography of Amy Johnson – pioneering English aviatrix and the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia. History is a passion of his and this is his first fiction book.