Bizzie Frost

Kenya-born Bizzie Frost has adventure in her blood and has travelled extensively. After training as a nurse in London, she spent four months travelling the "hippie trail" to India. On arriving back in Kenya she was swept off her feet by a young airline pilot. They were married a year later and she moved back to Kenya where she became a freelance photographer. In 1984, she moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with her husband, three year-old son and nine month-old daughter. She continued with her photography and became a freelance journalist, writing mainly for the Saudi Gazette. When her husband wasn't flying, the family spent their time exploring the country, camping out under the stars in remote deserts and mountains. In 1999, a botched spinal operation in Jeddah left her partially paralysed. After months of rehabilitation, she picked up the threads of her journalism and photography career, and her photography project "Journey with my Wheelchair" earned her the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, and Fellow of the Disabled Photographic Sociey. But it wasn't until her husband proposed that they buy a Harley-Davidson that she really felt herself come alive again. She spent the next ten years riding pillion with her husband around Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, using every journey as another story for the Saudi Gazette as well as other publications. The couple left Saudi Arabia in 2015 and she now divides her time between Kenya and London. When she's not writing, she likes to spend time with her family, especially her four grandchildren. 

Bizzie Frost's Books

ISBN: 9781915352620


Travels with Maridadi

28 Mar 2023

After a botched spinal operation left her partially paralysed aged forty-five, Bizzie Frost found herself unable to enjoy the active lifestyle she loved in Saudi Arabia. That was remedied six years later when her airline captain husband, Frosty, proposed they buy a Harley-Davidson. An invitation to join friends on a 2,500km ride to Oman was irresistible and they bought a customised Road King. They named her Maridadi, meaning 'beautiful' in Swahili.

Travels with Maridadi is an epic account of their adventures on Maridadi in Saudi Arabia, a country rarely visited by outsiders during the thirty years that Bizzie called it home. Riding pillion with Frosty, she travelled thousands of kilometres across the deserts and mountains of the Kingdom, as well as other Middle Eastern countries. Her stories and photographs breathe life into the scenery, people and culture of the Kingdom, and convey the freedom and healing power of motorcycling on the open road.



Kenya-born Bizzie Frost moved to Saudi Arabia with her family in the 1980s. With adventure in her blood, she’s travelled extensively and worked as a journalist and photographer for over thirty years. At forty-five, a spinal operation left her partially paralysed, but a Harley-Davidson fulfilled her cravings for excitement and the open road. Travels with Maridadi is Bizzie’s first book.