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ISBN: 9781913913267


Livingston Unfound

28 Aug 2021

Set in Guatemala in the mid-Eighties, during a very turbulent historical period, Livingston Unfound is the journey of a woman, Monica, travelling on her own, taking risks and facing dangers, choosing friends and lovers across cultural boundaries, and, above all, struggling to come to terms with the inevitable contradictions that come with being an affluent foreigner in a land of poverty and repression.

The journey she sets out on forces her to acknowledge her privilege, while she aspires to see the world with new eyes. As she strives to make close and intimate friends across class, race, and cultural differences, she is confronted by the conflicts that come with being a traveller far from home.

Mara Benetti has a degree in Latin American Studies from Essex University and an M.A. in Social Anthropology from Goldsmiths College. She started teaching languages – English, Italian and Spanish – over thirty years ago in a variety of institutions such as Westminster University, Goldsmiths College, Imperial College London, and UCL. Presently, she works at Imperial College and is the author of two language textbooks published by Palgrave and co-translated Woman at War by Dacia Maraini (from Italian into English). Her translation of Gospel according to Mary, a fiction novel by Barbara Alberti (Castelvecchi, 2007) is awaiting publication. She lives in South West London.