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ISBN: 9781913551964


Vote for Garfy

28 Jun 2021

Garfield Abercrombie Reginald Fergusson, the elegant ginger tom with white bib and socks has his home-from-home in the Paterson’s Superstore in Ely. Loved by the customers and full of mischief, Garfy is ready to campaign for equality, help the community and support his friends. Whether he means to or not, he creates havoc wherever he goes and is always able to raise a smile.

In this collection of short stories, Garfield runs for the Mayor of Ely to stop the cat-hating local politician from making the town a no-cat zone; he helps out his elderly neighbours in the garden and recruits a celebrity TV gardener to help; he relocates from his home to the local bookshop to encourage the people of Ely to rekindle their love or books, and he heads for stardom as a movie producer wants to turn his adventure into an action-packed film.

David Willers was the owner of the real Garfy, who sadly passed away in the summer of 2019 after being hit by a car. His death shook the town of Ely and a statue has been erected in his memory. The local division of Cats Protection created a special Garfield memorial award at their cat show in 2020 and Garfy’s much-loved Facebook page has over 7,000 followers.

Cate Caruth is a local writer and content alchemist. She self-publishes her own fiction books and writes bespoke children’s books for charity. She runs a content solutions business, Creative Words, helping businesses ‘translate their materials into content gold.’

David Willers and Cate Caruth also authored Garfy’s first adventures in What’s THAT Doing There? A Garfy Book, published by The Book Guild before Garfield’s fatal accident. His memory lives on in this new volume.