Matthew Gibson

Matthew Gibson is one of the world’s leading scholars on Bram Stoker – the author of Dracula – and the Gothic. Born and brought up in the UK, he is currently Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Macau. Prior to this he worked at a number of universities in the UK, including at the Universities of Surrey and Hull, as well as at the University of Lodz in Poland and the American University in Bulgaria.


Author of Dracula and the Eastern Question, co-editor of Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World, and contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Dracula, Matthew also curates material on Stoker for online research resource, Oxford Bibliographies. He has also written qnd edited many other academic books on W.B. Yeats, French Fantastic literature, as well as numerous academic articles.


Mr Stoker is his first work of fiction.

Matthew Gibson's Books

ISBN: 9781915603869


Mr Stoker and the Vampires of the Lyceum

28 May 2023

London, September 1888. Jack the Ripper roams the streets. A scream rings out from beneath the stage of the Lyceum Theatre…

A young ‘actress’ has been attacked, suffering peculiar bite wounds to her neck; an event that announces a series of strange, vampiric happenings, and thrusts an unwitting Bram Stoker – acting manager of the Lyceum and aspiring author – into the limelight, and the action.

Increasingly perplexed by the unsettling behaviour of his 'Guv’nor’, the brilliant but mercurial actor, Henry Irving, and Irving’s acclaimed leading lady, Ellen Terry, Stoker soon starts suspecting the worst. And then, another attack reveals a vicious Prussian baron, returned to London as a vampire seeking revenge…

Alive with Gothic intrigue, reversal and surprise, Mr Stoker will keep the reader enthralled and confounded until its final, shocking scene – indeed, until its very last word.

'This is a fully realised Gothic world, a stimulating mix of homely familiarity and lurking menace which will engage readers of all ages.' David Punter, author of The Literature of Terror


Matthew Gibson is a leading scholar on Bram Stoker and the Gothic. Currently an Associate Professor at the University of Macau, he previously worked at the universities of Surrey and Hull, as well as in Poland and Bulgaria. Author of Dracula and the Eastern Question, and contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Dracula, Matthew curates Stoker resources for Oxford Bibliographies. Mr Stoker is his first novel.