Steve Couch

Steve Couch lives in Bournemouth with his wife and two sons. He has been employed as a youth worker, a writer and editor, a youth football coach, and as a club coach for Man v Fat Football. Career highlights include being paid variously for the following: watching films, playing computer games, going to church, telling lies about the national sport of Denmark, and jumping around in a skip. 

Steve shares a birthday with Nick Hornby, the Football League, and Paul McCartney’s first solo LP. He is a mediocre blues harmonica player and a four-time winner of Tea Time Theme Time on BBC 6 Music’s Radcliffe and Maconie show.

Steve Couch's Books

ISBN: 9781915853233


Dead Man Singing

28 Sep 2023

What’s a rock star to do when his talent fails him and his career has withered and died? Fed up with never-ending humiliations, Dave Masters fakes his own death in an attempt to boost his record sales, walking away from an industry that turned its back on him.

But what’s a dead rock star to do when he realises too late that he can’t live without the stage? Dave decides to set up as his own tribute act, and starts all over, soon discovering that building a new life isn’t as easy as he might have thought.

Dead Man Singing is a rollercoaster ride through Dave’s posthumous life; his brushes with fans, lovers, rivals, stalkers, gangsters, the law and the most dangerous enemy of all – himself. Can he come out of the other side of death alive?



Steve Couch is a writer and editor living in Bournemouth with his wife and two sons. He has an English degree which he has put to good use over the years by being paid for watching films and playing computer games. When he’s not writing, Steve works as a football coach in local schools and at MAN v FAT football. Dead Man Singing is Steve’s debut novel.

ISBN: 9781835740231


Foul and Fair

28 Jul 2024

It’s not all about winning, but…

James Hogan’s career as an English teacher is in tatters. All he has left is the boys’ football team he coaches, but rival manager Kieran Butcher threatens to take that away too. After years of doing things the right way, he is determined to come out on top, by any means necessary.

But just how far will James go to succeed?

Single mother and police officer Hayley Birnham is worried about her career, her son, and the string of unusual crimes connected to the local football community.

Fair is foul and foul is fair as James and Hayley try to balance doing the right thing with getting the right result. Game on.


Steve Couch lives in Bournemouth with his wife and two sons. He is an FA Level 2 football coach, and a former team manager and club chairman of West Moors Youth Football Club. When not writing, he coaches small children in local schools and large men at Man v Fat Football in Bournemouth. Foul and Fair is his second novel.