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ISBN: 9781913913298


Ed & Lily

Aug. 28, 2021

Ed & Lily have a problem. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and the relationship everyone believed was rock solid is in trouble. It’s not just the past getting in the way, it’s the present too.

They’ve got thirty-six hours before they fly to Iceland for a snowy Christmas break. Can they resolve their differences or will their plane leave London without them?

A story about love, loss and chasing your dreams.

Sofia Due was born and raised in London where she still resides today. Her first degree was in Modern Languages but she later converted to law and re-qualified as a solicitor. She is now a director of a large legal aid firm and specialises in civil liberties and human rights work, particularly for asylum-seekers and victims of human trafficking. Ed & Lily is her debut novel and is partially inspired by her experiences in and out of work.