Becca Perl

Becca Perl is a copywriter, food writer and illustrator. She won her first creative writing competition at the tender age of 7 with a lively tale about a runner bean family. A stint at art college only served to put her off art, so she went on to study English at university. Her career in journalism started in Munich where she lived for five years. Becca graduated with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2012, and the story she was attempting to write at the time was her family's escape story. Now, a mere 12 years later, she has done it with Don't Look Back. Becca rediscovered a love of drawing during lockdown and has been happily illustrating ever since. She lives with her family in Christchurch, Dorset.

Becca Perl's Books

ISBN: 9781835740750


Don’t Look Back

28 Oct 2024

Don’t Look Back tells the true story of escape, adventure and freedom.

When Anthony and his parents leave their house with just a small bag and Anthony’s teddy bear, it looks as though they are going out for a couple of hours. Yet they are leaving forever. Their journey takes them through a forest, where they have to overcome challenges and face their fears.

Will they all make it out safely?

This true story teaches young readers about people risking everything to escape to a better life.


Becca Perl is a copywriter, journalist and food writer who lives with her family in Christchurch, Dorset. She rediscovered a love of drawing during lockdown and has been illustrating ever since. Becca has been working on telling her family’s story after graduating with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2012.