David Ford

David Ford was born in Devon and lives in London. He spent over thirty years as a senior policy advisor on crime in the Home Office. Now he is using that experience to tell compelling stories about the impact of crime on individuals and communities. His first novel, Come Sunday, explored early attempts by the police to control the drugs trade in 1950s London. His latest novel looks at the impact on a small seaside town when the blackmail of a young teacher goes tragically wrong. David Ford is a collector of social documentary photography and writes regularly on the subject. A collection of his poems has been published by the Happenstance Press.

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ISBN: 9781835740828



28 Nov 2024

In a secluded fisherman’s cabin perched on the cliffs, a terrible incident occurred. Is history now  about to repeat itself?

In a small seaside town on the Norfolk coast, Becky Sullivan seduces a young teacher from her sixth form college. Together with her friends, they entice him to the deserted cabin with the intention of blackmailing him. But tragedy strikes when he suffers a heart attack and they flee, leaving him alone to die.

Six years later, Becky returns to the town hoping to make amends with his widow. However, the town and her old friends cannot escape the dark secrets that still haunt them, and Becky’s return opens up old wounds and rivalries.

As the past threatens to unravel, will the truth finally come out, and who will be destroyed if it does?


David Ford was born in Devon and lives in East London. For thirty-five years he worked in central government, mainly as a senior policy advisor on crime issues in the Home Office. A collection of his poetry has been published by the Happenstance Press and his first novel, Come Sunday, was published in 2023. David is married with two daughters.