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ISBN: 9781835741009


Three Down

28 Nov 2024

As Jack Mayhew’s life begins to unravel and memories of his tumultuous past resurface, all seems lost. In a moment of despair, he collapses into the sea off Amalfi, surrendering to his fate.

Revisiting his early years, Jack's self-doubt fuels both his ambition and his weakness for women. By adulthood, he has suffered at the hands of three people. As his business crumbles, driven by anger, Jack embarks on a journey of revenge and redemption. Success in the corporate world follows, but so does tragedy...

Three Down is a thought-provoking tale of love, loss, ambition and revenge.


At the age of 35, Richard Phillips was reportedly the youngest chairman of a listed company in the country. He is now semi-retired with a large family and enjoys skiing, sailing, shooting, painting, cheering rugby union and playing the violin when nobody can hear him. Having under achieved academically at boarding school, he has tried to redeem himself at the Universities of Leeds, Oxford, and Buckingham.