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ISBN: 9781913913083


The Best One There

28 Jul 2021


In a better world Jochen would be a concert pianist but in this one, though unconvinced by Nazi ideology, he’s in North Africa, flying for the Fuhrer.   

In the desert life is simple; at home it’s complicated. Lotte, a schoolteacher, loves him but where’s Gerda, the war widow he’s fallen for? His twin sister Ilse worries him too; what does she see in Heinecke, the creep with the Gestapo connection? And what is happening to the Jews?  

Is Jochen too wrapped up in himself to see what’s going on?

Loosely inspired by the life of Hans-Joachim Marseille, this exciting novel grapples with tough topics around personal beliefs in Nazi Germany.

‘What will the world be like if we win?’

Bruce Fellows, having come third in the first Daily Telegraph Young Writer of the Year Award back in the 80s, went on to teach English for many years. He has written two original plays for Bristol’s Theatre West: Rabbit Ears and Broadbent as well as several short pieces for Bristol’s Show of Strength Theatre and South Gloucestershire’s Brass Works Theatre. His adaptation of Moby Dick has been accepted by Brass Works Theatre and is awaiting production. His WW2 novel, That Quiet Earth (Pen and Sword) was published in 2014. Bruce lives in Bristol. 

ISBN: 9781916668102


The End of It

28 Feb 2024

Recovering from injuries received in the desert, Luftwaffe fighter ace Jochen Murville dreams of playing the piano and living in Sweden with Gerda, the Jewish woman whose escape from Germany he engineered. However, his engagement to Lotte still stands – no matter how much her Nazi beliefs horrify him.

Germany is being bombed night and day and Hitler, when Jochen meets him, seems deluded. Where is the country going? With the Russians advancing on Berlin and the end approaching for the Nazi Reich, will Jochen escape the cataclysm?

Following on from the events of The Best One There and inspired by the character of Hans-Joachim Marseille, The End of It is a powerful and gripping study of the downfall of the Third Reich and of the fate of a humane man as it collapses.


Bruce Fellows lives in Bristol and has had two original plays and four theatrical adaptations of classic stories and novels as well as several shorter pieces professionally produced by local theatre companies. He writes a monthly column on books for the Bristol Six + Eight Magazine and has published two previous novels: That Quiet Earth and The Best One There.