James Bowring


I was born in London and educated in Hammersmith and Exeter. Later, armed with a degeee in history and a passion for books, I moved to the Home Counties where I worked for many years as a librarian.

After taking early retirement, and with my long-suffering wife desperate to find me some new interests, I began writing. My first murder mystery "Down by the Coast" introduced Clive Walsingham, then a Detective Inspector. The sequel, "Down in the Country - A Carlow Valley mystery" was published by the Book Guild in April 2021 and has received favourable reviews. A second "Carlow Valley" mystery "Down in the Woods" is about to be published and  further titles are planned.

I live with my wife and two cats in a village in Dorset, where I spend my time writing unpublished novels, making cups of tea, arguing - unsuccessfully - with the cats, collecting ailments and battling with bindweed.

James Bowring's Books

ISBN: 9781915603210


Down in the Woods: A Carlow Valley Mystery

28 Mar 2023

When the battered body of a woman is found in some local woods, Inspector Dick Beauregard is surprised to discover that she had just checked out of the hotel run by ex-Detective Inspector Clive Walsingham. He originally treats Clive as a suspect, but the investigation makes little headway until a second body, a man, is found. Mysteriously, a newspaper cutting dated two days after he was murdered is found in his pocket.

Both victims were parents of one of five schoolgirls who disappeared in mysterious circumstances ten years ago. Under mounting pressure, Inspector Beauregard asks Clive Walsingham to help.

In a complicated and occasionally shocking investigation, Clive and his wife, Clare, re-examine the circumstances surrounding the original disappearance of the schoolgirls. But, when an intriguing discovery is made, they realise they are at risk from an unlikely source. With their lives at stake, they must act quickly.


James Bowring was born in London and educated in Hammersmith and Exeter. He lived for many years in the Home Counties working mainly as a local government librarian, where he began a lifelong affection for books and writing. He now lives in Christchurch, Dorset, with his wife, Polly, and two demanding cats.

ISBN: 9781913551698


Down in the Country: A Carlow Valley Mystery

28 Apr 2021

A couple are shocked to discover the naked body of a woman in their garden. She has been strangled. Acting Inspector Beauregard, who has never led a murder investigation, doesn’t understand how or why the body of a woman ended up in the garden and seeks assistance from ex-detective inspector Clive Walsingham. Clive is now running a hotel in Carlow Valley, but when Beauregard asks for his help, he jumps at the chance.

As intriguing details of the dead woman’s past emerge, suspicion falls upon a notoriously unscrupulous local businessman but, before he can build a case against him, Inspector Beauregard is called away to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Lord Westleigh’s daughter, leaving Clive to continue the investigation with the support of an abrasive Detective Constable.

A seemingly innocent entry in the dead woman’s notebook, the strange behaviour of her family and the arrival of a mysterious guest at his hotel drag him deeper into the murky investigation. Clive has to use all his powers of deduction to uncover the truth. But, in doing so, he realises his own life is in serious danger.

James Bowring was born in London. After obtaining an Honours degree from the University of Exeter, he qualified as a chartered librarian. He lived for many years in the Home Counties working as a librarian and he has a lifelong affection for books and writing. James is now retired and lives in Dorset with his wife, Polly, and two demanding cats.

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