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Stephen Brotherton.

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ISBN: 9781913551896


Fractures, Dreams and Second Chances

May 28, 2021

An autobiographical story from the heart

This is my story of first love, but it is told through the eyes of two fictional characters, Freddie and Jo-Jo. My life, like Freddie’s, was fractured by my dad’s death when I was seven years of age. As a teenager, at the end of the 1970s, I had a first love relationship that I dreamed would last a lifetime. My partner, like Jo-Jo, was strong, independent and had her perfect world dreams, but she was haunted by her own fractures. In 1980 a heart breaking event killed our love and, for us, there has been no reunion. But I’ve always wondered, what if? This book explores that possibility. It tells the story of Freddie and Jo-Jo’s fractures, their teenage romance, their lives apart and their attempt to reignite their love after being separated for over three decades. Their story is a love story, but it also asks questions about the impact of early life trauma, the degree to which this travels with us down the years and the impact it can have on our relationship with others and the wider world.

Stephen Anthony Brotherton grew up in the West Midlands and spent over thirty years working as a Social Worker. He now lives in Shropshire with his two cats, Boris and Tai.