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ISBN: 9781914471759


Beowulf's Ghost

28 May 2022

How far back in time would you go to save your sister’s life?

Adam is living with the guilt of being responsible for his sister’s death. After running away on the anniversary of her death, he finds himself transported back in time to Northumberland in the sixth century where he is mistaken for the great hero Beowulf.

Caught up in a blood feud between the Angles and Celts, Adam is shocked to find that the spirit of his sister lives on in the body of another. As he struggles to overcome his own demons and fight the monsters he finds, both real and imaginary, he uncovers a plot to kill the one person who can lead him back to redemption.

Can he act in time? Can Adam fight the monsters and save his sister?

R. J. Madon was born in Cumbria, moving around the country whilst pursuing a career in healthcare. His writing skills were developed at a local writers’ circle, Guildford Writers, and through creative writing courses at the Winchester Writers' Festival, the Arvon Foundation, and the Golden Egg Academy. He now lives near the Cotswolds where he devotes his time writing stories that reflect his interests in history, mythology and the supernatural.