Iain Kelly

Iain lives in East Kilbride, near Glasgow in Scotland, where he spends most all his time raising his twin son and daughter. He works full-time as a television editor, making various programmes across a range of genres, and has recently taken up a new exciting opportunity with an independent company after 16 years with the BBC. When he finds the time, Iain indulges in his passion for writing stories.

His first novel, A Justified State, was published in late 2018, and the follow-up, State Of Denial, was released in 2019. The conclusion to ‘The State’ trilogy, ‘State Of War’, was released in May 2020. 'The Barra Boy', due out in June 2022, is his first novel to be published in partnership with The Book Guild.

Iain Kelly's Books

ISBN: 9781914471933


The Barra Boy

28 Jun 2022

1982. Thirteen-year-old Ewan Fraser is sent to the remote island of Barra, off Scotland’s west coast, to stay with his aunt and uncle.

Resigned to a monotonous summer of boredom, he is befriended by local girl Laura Robertson; together they explore the golden beaches and rocky coves of the idyllic island.

But a dark secret that connects Laura to the mysterious outcast Mhairi Matheson and her son, Billy, is hidden beneath the tranquil surface…

A secret that threatens to tear the small community apart.

Forty years later, Ewan returns to confront the truth about the formative summer of his adolescence, and finally learn the truth about Laura and the boy from Barra.

Iain Kelly lives in East Kilbride in Scotland, where he spends most of his time raising his twins. He graduated from the University of Glasgow with a master’s degree in English Literature and Film & Television Studies and works as an editor in the television industry. Any spare time is spent writing, reading and watching stories. His first novel, A Justified State (2018), was followed by State Of Denial (2019) and State Of War (2020).

ISBN: 9781916668140


All We Cannot Leave Behind

28 Feb 2024

Edinburgh, 1920. Three children are missing, abducted from the poorhouses of the city.

When a body is found near the town of Liberton, Dr Thomas Stevenson, still suffering from the trauma of the First World War, finds himself drawn into the police investigation. But suspicion falls on the woman with the mysterious past who lives with Thomas. Could she be guilty of the brutal murder?

With time running out and lives at stake, Thomas must prove her innocence, but to do that he has to find the real killer and unlock the truth about her secret past. A past that casts a long, dark shadow.


Iain Kelly lives in East Kilbride, Scotland. He is married with two children and works in the media industry as a television editor. A graduate of English Literature from the University of Glasgow, when he is not creating stories through sound and vision, he is writing them. He is the author of the futuristic thrillers A Justified State, State Of Denial and State Of War, and the coming-of-age mystery The Barra Boy.

ISBN: 9781835740989


Full Sun

28 Nov 2024

Cal Jackson has just been released from prison. Now all he wants is a quiet life.

But when his sister marries into the family of corrupt businessman Francis McArthur, Cal finds himself caught in the middle of an ongoing war between his new family and the police.

When a childhood friend, the mysterious and enchanting Elise Moreau, disappears, Cal’s got his work cut out to find her and discover what links her to McArthur.

And that’s before the first dead body turns up.

As a heat wave grips Glasgow’s mean streets and vibrant night life, Cal is reluctantly forced to act, before he finds himself either back in prison, or buried in the ground.


A graduate of the University of Glasgow, Iain Kelly’s first novel, A Justified State, was published in 2018, followed by the sequels State Of Denial and State Of War. In 2022, he partnered with The Book Guild to publish the coming-of-age mystery The Barra Boy, followed by the historical thriller All We Cannot Leave Behind in 2024. Full Sun is his sixth novel. Find out more at www.iainkellywriting.com.