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ISBN: 9781913913281


Too Small for Physiotherapy

28 Aug 2021

Too Small for Physiotherapy is a frank and, at times, humorous account of Grace Dorey’s childhood, which was overshadowed by a very controlling mother and a wonderfully laid-back father, whom she adored. 

Her mother insisted that her home life was centred around Union Church in Totteridge. Grace desperately wanted to be a ballerina, but this was not encouraged and the door was sadly shut. Grace was persuaded by her mother to train to be a physiotherapist even though she had no idea what it was all about. After four hospitals in London refusing to accept her as she was very small, she was finally given a place to study physiotherapy by The London Hospital in Whitechapel.

This book is the prequel to Rubbed Up the Wrong Way: A Physiotherapist’s Story.

Grace Dorey MBE trained at the London Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital) in 1958 and has had a long and distinguished career in physiotherapy, including private and commercial practice and time spent on Harley Street. She received her MSc after studying the male pelvic floor and followed that with a PhD in the pelvic floor of men with erectile dysfunction. Her research in this area has resulted in her being asked to lecture on the topic across the world, and an MBE. Grace now lives in Co Cavan, Ireland and spends two weeks at her home in Barnstaple, Devon every three months.