A Corroded Soul

A Corroded Soul

By Peter Woolrich

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Mar 2023


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781915352248


Daniel Connah’s mother is dead. Thank God.  

But there’s a problem. Who’s going to explain why the fifty-year-old journalist is a misfit, addicted to sex and steals − among other character flaws? 

His domineering mother, Muriel, might be accountable. But that lets his emotionally distant father, Jim, off the hook. Or did his criminally inclined brother and sisters lead him astray? 

Then there’s Daniel. Is he to blame? Or was he just caught in the crossfire between warring parents? 

At the core of this darkly comic story about family dynamics and what makes us who we are, is whether Muriel loved Daniel. Otherwise, what chance has he got of loving himself or anyone else? 

A Corroded Soul, the first in a planned trilogy, is about morality, regret and the perverse nature of grief. Based on his own life, author and BAFTA-nominated investigations journalist Peter Woolrich blends fact and fiction in this searing self-examination. 


As a BAFTA-nominated investigative journalist, Peter Woolrich had guns, knives, and a samurai sword pulled on him. He largely gave up his career ten years ago to pursue a lifelong ambition to write books. A Corroded Soul is the first in a planned trilogy. Peter has lived and worked in the Far East, Australia and across Europe. Originally from Nottingham, he now lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


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