A Wasted Talent

A Wasted Talent

By James I. Morrow

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2021


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781913913724


Sometimes one does get what one wishes for, and then wishes they hadn’t. 

Despite his relatively young age, John McDaid, a young Gardaí officer, has risen to the rank of Detective Inspector in the serious crimes squad based in Dublin. But since his appointment, his workload has been relatively mundane and he’s itching to get his teeth into a more worthwhile investigation.

Then he is asked to lead in what again appears to be nothing but a simple and routine enquiry, that of a runaway teenager, albeit the son of the US Ambassador.   

However, when a body is found things start to unravel, not only in the case of the boy’s disappearance but also in John McDaid’s own life.

James I Morrow has been a Consultant Neurologist based at a major teaching hospital in Belfast for several years. His principal interest has been in the treatment of epilepsy. During his career he has been involved with and supervised many clinical trials, principally regarding the safety of medicines. He has written and published numerous medical books and has recently branched out into the writing of crime fiction novels including Slainte, Stiffed, The Fly and the Tree and Trick or Treat. He lives in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.



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