By Gary Davis

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Apr 2023


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781915603500


After the American Civil War, a young man from Maine takes a diplomatic position in Nagasaki, Japan, where he and his aide, Harada, explore the city and absorb its history and culture. There, they befriend the lovely geisha Cio-Cio and attend her wedding to the American naval lieutenant Pinkerton. When they discover the marriage is nothing but an empty sham, devastating consequences inexorably follow…

Derived from Puccini’s grand opera, Butterfly deftly retells the tragic story of the young geisha and her seducer as a captivating story of discovery, tragedy, and enlightenment.


Gary Davis was born in Chicago and educated at Harvard, Virginia, and Northwestern universities A retired physician, he lives in Southern California and writes award-winning poems and short stories, with a play in the works. Butterfly is his first novel.


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