Come Sing With Me My People

Come Sing With Me My People

By Steven Baker

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Apr 2017


Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781911320517


The year is 1936. The place is Berlin.   The occasion is the controversial Olympic Games. Unfolding events will change the course of many lives.

British film and newsreel cameraman Freddie Miller, who was once an army intelligence officer, meets Arthandur Palmai in a casual meeting in a café.

Their friendship draws Freddie into the activities of the Companions of the Circle, a secret organisation that has been formed to help Jewish people under threat from the Third Reich.

Arthandur introduces Freddie to the head of the Circle, Baroness Christina Von Harstezzen, who is tragically to die in the Hindenburg Air Disaster. It is Arthandur’s son, Nathan, who becomes the central character in the story. The novel details the experiences of the people who influence him, and his epic and colourful life.

It is a life that will take Nathan from a pre-war kibbutz in Palestine (later Israel) to service with the British Army in North Africa and then to London as a student in Law. Eventually he moves on to Australia, where he works as an outback boundary rider. Later he becomes a distinguished Sydney lawyer. He has many adventures along the way, as well as passionate love affairs. His life is truly the stuff that dreams are made of.


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