Darling Sorrow

Darling Sorrow

By Stephen Reynolds

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Feb 2023


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781915352705


My life fell apart surprisingly quickly. In the end, that particular end, did I jump? Or did she offer me a last-minute reprieve? I call out as I run towards the lighthouse on the shoreline, between this place and the next. Am I lost or found? I just need to find out what’s real…

What if the last night of your life never stops happening?

The new book from the author of The Layers. A novella that explores themes of mental health, gender identity and truth; Darling Sorrow is a compelling story that might just have a happy ending.


Stephen Reynolds began writing with a successful series of travel books about long-distance hiking. His debut novel, The Layers, was published by Valley Press in 2021. Darling Sorrow is his second novel and is published by the Book Guild.


Ed (Guest Review) - 26 Aug, 2023

A book inspired my a song, and written like a song.

Lyrical language and catchy motifs make for an aesthetic resonance. From a simple premise the narrative morphs and looks like it may be going down one or two clever but predictable avenues. But in the end it achieves an original and profound, yet simple resolution. There are numerous themes that echo from Reynolds' previous work, The Layers, but reworked and repurposed with new life.

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