Fallen Eagles

Fallen Eagles

By Bruce Harris

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2021


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Categories: Poetry, Short Stories and Plays, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781913551391


Written in aid of the Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation (HDYO), with a foreword from Catherine Martin, CE of the HDYO.

The title story, Fallen Eagles, is a Hamlet-inspired story about a Scottish boy who loses his idolised mountaineer father in an accident and blames his uncle to such an extent that he contemplates murder. Other stories take us to the French Revolution, the First World War and to more contemporary situations such as coming out, shaking off the parental yoke and exploring old and new love. 

Each story explores the diversity of young people’s experiences as they emerge into adulthood and the wide-ranging themes are both contemporary and relatable to the modern reader. 

Fallen Angels has been produced to raise funds for Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation, a charity that Bruce has worked closely with for many years, following his civil partner’s diagnoses with Huntington’s Disease in 2016.

Praise for Bruce Harris’ earlier short story collection, Odds Against:

“There is strength and warmth, toughness and kindness in these stories, making up a collection that is spirited and uplifting.” – Alison Moore, author of Booker Prize short-listed novel, The Lighthouse

Bruce Harris is a retired secondary school teacher and an educational researcher. His research has been published in The Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian. Bruce has been writing poems, short stories and novels since 2004 and his creative work has been recognised through a variety of prizes and awards. He lives in Seaton, Devon with his partner.


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