Fatal Obsession

Fatal Obsession

By Michael Pakenham

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2018


Categories: Contemporary, Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781912083329


Jack Carpenter has come a long way since he was born in the East End of London, the son of a docker and his wife. Now, according to The Times rich list, he is one of the richest men in England. His generosity is well-known and when he steps in to stop a development outside Winchester and turns it into park land, cricket pitches and football ground, he is widely praised by the local community. But underneath his confident persona lies a troubled man. Locked into an unhappy marriage with his wife Sophie and two children, Harry and Jenny, he is shocked to find that he has a daughter from a relationship in the past. Her name is Francine and Jack hopes that she will bring him the happiness he so longs for. But there is jealousy fermenting in someone’s soul and one by one his family is destroyed.

Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Appleman of the Hampshire police is assigned to the case along with his old colleague, Sergeant Paul Flower. It soon becomes obvious that the killer is obsessed with a shocking motive. The two detectives fear they are up against a very unhinged and clever killer who is running rings around them. The final murder leaves Jack a broken man and a daughter fighting to keep him alive.

Michael Pakenham lives in Owslebury, Hants and comes from a well known literary Irish family. After Michael’s father died at Dunkirk, he, his mother and sister moved to the USA and lived in Arizona until the war was over, before returning to England and settling in Hampshire. This is Michaels 7th published book.


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