Father of One

Father of One

By Jani Anttola

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jul 2023


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781915603982


Maka, a young Bosnian soldier, has survived three years under siege. When the enemy forces launch their final attack on his hometown, he must escape to the hills. But traversing the vast woods is a task against all odds: to stay alive, and to find his infant son and his wife, he is soon forced to make a desperate move.

Set against the harrowing background of raging guerrilla warfare and the genocide in Srebrenica, Father of One is, at heart, a story of deep humanity, compassion and love. It is the account of one man’s desire to reunite his family, separated by war, and of bonds unbroken by trauma, sustained by loyalty and tenacity. Writing in a voice that rings with clarity and authenticity, the author lays open a dark moment in Europe’s recent history.


Jani Anttola is a Finnish novelist and a medical doctor. In the 1990s he served in Rwanda with the French military and fought in Bosnia as a soldier of the Bosnian army. His prior works have been published in Finland. He has spent most of his adult life abroad, working in Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.


@mommy_and_books (Guest Review) - 28 Sep, 2023

"Father of One" by Jani Anttola is a very touching story of a family that was separated by war. The author presented the fate of Maka Delić and his wife Amelia in a very moving way. I secretly hoped that Maka would see his wife again and meet his son. This character shows a hellish struggle for survival. His love for his wife kept him alive. The only question is whether Amelia was waiting for him, or rather found another father for their shaired son? You will find the answer to this question by reading Jani Anttola's latest novel titled "Father of One".
I must tell you right away that this is not a simple or easy read. Due to its cruelty, it cannot be read in one day. While reading this story, I cried like a beaver. I literally couldn't control myself. This book will touch many hearts.
I thought World War II was the last such tragic war. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine showed that the world is not moving forward. The book "Father of One" adds another brick to the furnace.
Author Jani Anttola presented the war that took place between Bosniaks and Serbs in a very realistic way. Who is good and who is bad here?
Maka is a Bosnian soldier who fights against the invader. He's not afraid to fight. What happened in his hometown of Srebrenica? Read what attackers are capable of. I also met ruthless monsters - ultranationalist Bosnian Serbs called Chetniks. I wouldn't like to meet them on my way. What will Maka do to save his own skin?
The author wrote his work in a language quite understandable to the reader.
It's worth staying until the end of this story. By the way, I would love to read the continuation of this story. Who knows, maybe one day the author will write a continuation of this difficult story.
If you want to learn more about Maka's fight to save his life, be sure to read this book.
This story deserves your attention.
Do you like war books? Yes? Then you've come to the right place.
I would love to see this work in the cinema.
Is this story just fiction? Did it actually take place? I leave you with these questions.

I liked the main character for his strength, stubbornness and pursuit of his goal despite great adversities. I am full of admiration for Maka.

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