Hey Dog! Let’s Talk!

Hey Dog! Let’s Talk!

By Wendy Keefer

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2018


Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781912575534


Hey Dog! Let’s Talk is a beautifully illustrated children’s guide to understanding dogs and learning to communicate with them in a way they will understand. Written with ages 4–7 in mind it is intended to be read with parents to stimulate discussion. It is the author’s hope that parents will encourage their children to practice the communication techniques with the dogs around them and that this in turn will help to reduce the number of avoidable dog bites that are sadly on the increase.

The knowledge gained from this book is not only important for children wishing to develop safe relationships with their family dogs, but it can be invaluable to those who are frightened or otherwise don’t want to interact with dogs at all.

Wendy Keefer grew up in the countryside of Colorado, where she developed a love for all animals, wild and domestic. She later moved to Alaska to study wildlife biology where she met her then husband, had two children and moved to York, England. Now with a partner and her black Labrador, she has a CAPBT diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training as well as being an approved instructor with WaggaWuffins Canine College. Wendy does behaviour consultations for dogs and cats, which she finds both challenging and rewarding.

"This book needs to be on the National Curriculum and taught in every primary school in the country. The UK dog population stands at around 8.5 million, 1 in 4 families have a dog and most of these dogs are much loved members of the family... Hey Dog cleverly achieves the rare combination of clear and concise messaging presented around interesting, light-hearted and funny stories. Kids will love reading this book and their adults will too.” – Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, Veterinary Director and Head of Education at COAPE


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