It's All About Me

It's All About Me

By Alison Kentish

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2021


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Categories: Humour, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781913551872


BOND is a charming, if somewhat self-obsessed, horse who describes his and HIS HUMAN’S journey, charting the highs and lows of equine and human life with humour throughout. His story begins when he is whisked away from his idyllic life at the stud where he was bred, to be marketed from a dressage horse dealer’s yard. After demonstrating his naughty side there, his price is slashed enough for his bargain-hunting human to take a chance on him. He describes her back-story including those angels and demons, legends and idiots, both horse and human, that shaped her to be the sort of person he could train to be his perfect owner. 

Despite a talent for dressage, Bond is quirky and fails to fit into several stable yards, being asked to leave more than once. Meanwhile, his human struggles through illness and divorce. They travel together both through life and literally when they make the epic voyage in his trusty trailer from Surrey’s smart livery yards to their new Scottish Highland home. Here his human seals her future happiness by marrying, in Bond’s field by the beach. Finally, delighted to discover that they have indeed heard of dressage in the Highlands, Bond returns to the competition arena to win his coveted rosettes.

Alison Kentish was born and raised in Essex and moved to Surrey aged twenty-nine to work for an accountancy practice whom she still works for now as a qualified accountant, some twenty-one years later, despite having moved to the Scottish Highlands three years ago. She bred her own pony aged eighteen and, since then, has run livery yards and now keeps her own two horses at home – Bond and BB. She has competed at affiliated eventing and dressage and had enormous fun as part of riding club teams. 


Sandra Cobbold (Guest Review) - 28 Jul, 2021

This book is so well written, it is from the horses prospective. It's about Bond's journey though his life from where he was breed to life as it its now for him with his family, he leads a lovely life. As I was reading the book I could picture what was happening. I loved the openness of the book, the deviations of what happened along the way. It is amusing, humorous, funny and is truly lovely read.

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