Keeping Secrets: A Wicketkeeper’s Handbook

Keeping Secrets: A Wicketkeeper’s Handbook

By Paul Sullivan

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2017


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Categories: Sport and Hobbies

ISBN: 9781911320906


Keeping Secrets is a comprehensive handbook that explains all the techniques you need to develop and the skills you should practice in order to improve. With persistence and dedication, you will eventually achieve a perfect, error-free performance.

The book addresses both the physical and mental aspects of wicketkeeping, sharing the secrets of how to concentrate, how to conquer fear and how to troubleshoot your game when things go wrong. It analyses the art of keeping to spinners, dissects a diving catch and helps you master a leg-side stumping. It shows you how to lead by example and how to improve your team’s performance in the field. Best of all, it reveals the tricks of the trade with forty-two wicketkeeping secrets.

Keeping Secrets is a must-read for cricketers and cricket lovers alike who are looking to expand their knowledge of the game while enjoying fresh insights into the best job in all of cricket.

Paul Sullivan was born in Neath, South Wales, where he played street cricket with Tony Lewis, the future England captain. Later he kept wicket for Amersham CC. He was selected as wicketkeeper for Kenya National cricket team 1976 to play in Quadrangular tournament with Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. He played against Pakistan A, MCC, England A, Rajasthan Xl, Lord's Taverners and English schools.


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