Khao Phat for Lunch

Khao Phat for Lunch

By Liz Chalmers

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Publication Date: 28 Jul 2022


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Categories: Humour, Travel, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781915122346



After thinking she has the summer to organise a move across the globe, Liz receives a call from her husband, Mo, to say that everything has changed – he needs her to join him in Thailand as soon as possible.

The Pits, as the town is affectionately known to the tiny expat community, none of whom can ever pronounce its name correctly and where very little English is spoken.

Follow Liz through the initial shock to a jet lagged brain at the sheer volume of traffic, noise, and the hubbub of daily life. Trying to provide appetising meals whilst fully aware of the fate of the creature which is providing sustenance is a unique experience. The difficulties encountered with the Thai language, customs, and the subsequent embarrassing consequences. Cockroaches, weevils, geckos or chitchats become part of everyday life.

The most important thing to take with you besides your passport, is your sense of humour, because without it you will surely end up on the first flight home.


Liz Chalmers was born in Dunfermline in 1949 and was raised in the Kingdom of Fife. After teaching for several years in the UK, she accompanied her husband all over the world, until their final posting to Mississippi, where their house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. After retiring to Scotland for a few years, Liz and her husband moved to the Algarve, Portugal where she currently resides.


Cara Morano (Guest Review) - 25 Aug, 2022

Great read! A hilarious and adorably honest journey through the crazy cultural challenges, adventures and unique opportunities of temporarily living abroad in Thailand. The author allows you to laugh along as you experience all the culture shock of moving to such a different area of the world, including the many faux pas of learning a difficult language. So many crazy adventures and hilarious & heart-warming situations…so cutely written…an absolute “must read”!

Fiona Johnston (Guest Review) - 28 Aug, 2022

Well done Liz, so glad you wrote this book. I remember when I met you in the Phits all these years ago you were going to write this book, a wonderful read, couldn’t put it down, it brought back so many memories of being an ex-pat in Thailand. Looking forward to a sequel.

Denise Gaiger (Guest Review) - 03 Nov, 2022

Many happy memories of our holidays with you came flowing back with your hilarious book - the boys still talk about the unforgettable sights, sounds and even the taste of the delicious food, especially in the flying food market! Thank you for such an evocative and witty account of that chapter of your life. Can’t wait to read the next one.

Susan Hannah (Guest Review) - 17 Oct, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this wry romp through the vagaries of life as an expatriate in Thailand.
Liz's humour shines through as she so vividly describes the many obstacles she and Mo have to negotiate during their time in this strange foreign land, so far in many ways from their native Scotland.
Thank you, Liz, for bringing this very personal tale to your readers in such an illuminating way. A brilliant and compelling read!

Anne O'Malley (Guest Review) - 27 Nov, 2022

Thoroughly enjoyable account of the author's sudden move from the UK to Thailand to join her husband on his new overseas posting. She gives an amusing insight into their lives as expats, negotiating a different culture, language, food and everything in between! The author's wry sense of humour shines throughout and there are many laugh out loud moments. It's an engaging and warm read and I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Jan Cooney (Guest Review) - 11 Sep, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the wonderful way it was written.
I got to know Liz and she has nailed the life and times of expats aboard especially in these times and places where survival was up to the people who wanted to get to know and understand the culture and treasures that were available. Thrown into the small village life. No supermarkets. Wine when we could get it was a delight. The people more so.
I have often explained to people what Liz taught me and that was learning how to cross a chaotic road - learn from the dog. I nailed it after that.
A great read.

Valerie Lockyer (Guest Review) - 16 Aug, 2022

A very interesting and humorous account of the author’s arrival in Thailand to join her husband, whose job has taken him there. It is a completely new way of life and we hear how she learns about the Thai people, their language and culture. Buying food in the local market is a particular challenge, as is the Thai style of driving. An enjoyable and entertaining read.

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