Lost in Retirement

Lost in Retirement

By June Felton

Publication Date: 28 Apr 2023


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Categories: Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781915352187


The party for her retirement as the night sister of a thousand-bedded hospital a great success. But now Harriet, without the purposeful life and companionship of the hospital, finds herself bereft and lonely. Memories of her childhood spent in the Lake District and her love of nature spur an impulsive decision to book a nature cruise to Australia. On board, Harriet is confronted with events from her tragic past. As the strands begin to untangle, she must decide if the familiar pain of love lost and loneliness will hold her back, or if she can follow the thread of her heartfelt longings to start a new chapter...


June Felton was born in South Africa. She became the night sister in a thousand bed hospital in London, where she completed Post Graduate Studies in Child Development and founded and directed a unique pre-school unit for autistic children. She lectured extensively in England and Europe. June passed away earlier in 2022, and her husband Anton has published this book posthumously.


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