Measure of Days

Measure of Days

By Sophy Layzell

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Aug 2020


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Categories: Sci-Fi, Health and Wellbeing, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781913208721


A flesh-eating virus is spreading… Being immune puts Deter in worse danger

Deter Edison is an ordinary girl, or so she thought...

After a brutal kidnapping, Deter finds herself propelled into a world that she knows nothing about. Her scientist captors want something that only she has – an incredibly rare gene – and they’ll stop at nothing until they get it.

Feeling betrayed by her guardian, Amery, Deter’s world turns upside down when she’s plummeted into a war with the government and her captors. She must flee to London to seek protection there, but she doesn’t know who she can trust. And even if she does make it to safety, how can she remain hidden from the Establishment?

Sophy Layzell lives in Ilminster, Somerset and is the Founder and Trustee for the Jemima Layzell Trust, Artistic Director of Make Performing Arts and bookkeeper for J Layzell and Sons. Her daughter Jemima is the UK record holder for most organ transplant recipients. Since her daughter’s passing, Sophy set up the Trust and has been fundraising ever since. 

Sophy says, “For the past few years I have been defined, and it might sound odd, but inspired by the death of my daughter Jemima. Everyone loves a fast-paced adventure to become lost in and by writing this I have created a unique world that reflects Jemima’s and other young people’s influence on my life. Having worked with students aged 8-18 for many years, helping them write plays to express issues they are passionate about, this book is very much inspired by them too. My world is a better place with stories in it.”


Chesster1 (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

First of all thank you NetGalley for approving my request to be able to read this book.

The Measure of Days is exciting from the beginning and easy to finish really quickly because there is always something going on.

We get a girl, Deter, who lives her ordinary life till she gets kidnapped. She is Immune to the so called FED virus. Her whole life changed after she gets to know more.
The only thing that was a bit struggle for me in reading is the changing point of views, but as the story itself was easy to follow with time I got used to it and grown to like the other characters too.

Somehow the book gave me a bit of The Maze Runner and Divergent vibe. If you liked those series you definitely will be a fan of this book too and I do recommend it for those readers.

Bella Lagnado (Guest Review) - 11 Apr, 2021

This is a fabulously fun thought provoking book. Wonderfully written by a talented mind. I love the way the chapters are delineated by each character: it makes it easy to dip in and dip out, yet also means you want to keep on reading. A perfect combination.

Deter is a sweet and charming character. Her race against the Establishment and friends she meets on her journey to help find a cure for FED is a romper-stomper of a read.
Thank you for giving me some lockdown fun; for making me look forward to getting lost in a world of flesh eating diseases and all singing all dancing prosthetic limbs !
Measure of Days will light up your day.

Lisas_books_gems_and_tarot (Guest Review) - 27 Mar, 2022

I really liked this one! A flesh-eating virus, custom body parts - what more could you want?!

I absolutely loved Deter. She was naive to begin with. She didn’t know anything about the virus having been shielded from it her entire life.

There was lots of characters, and we learnt a little bit from each of their points of views. I liked this, as we got to read about the world from the views of different people, and it was surprising how much you learned.

The chapters: short and sweet, which is what I love. It makes the story so fast-paced, and quick to read.

My favourite characters were Deter and Lincoln. Both such strong people.

I’ve already started the second book, and I’m excited to learn more about Deter and what happens to her.

I have it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to the author for the finished copy!

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