By Richard Coiley

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jul 2024


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror

ISBN: 9781835740248


She used to be a nurse, caring for the sick and wounded. But now, she is a prisoner of her own misery – trapped by poverty, despair and alcoholism. Her life is a nightmare, and she has no control over anything. Her body is tormented by gout, her mind by self-loathing.

But things are about to get worse.

As winter approaches, a mysterious rot begins to spread in her house, infecting everything and everyone it touches. It is a deadly force that consumes both flesh and soul, leaving behind only decay and madness.

Will she be able to escape the rot, or will she succumb to its horrors?


Richard Coiley is a British writer and artist who loves to explore horror and science fiction in both his writing and artwork, which he exhibits on YouTube as @TimeWastingHero and sells on Redbubble. He grew up watching films and TV shows from various genres and developed a visual approach to storytelling. Richard published his first novel in 2012.



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