Sixty Funny Stories

Sixty Funny Stories

By Eleanor Berry

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2007


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Categories: Humour, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781846241154


From the author of The Ruin of Jessie Cavendish and Cap'n Bob and Me comes an entirely new collection of autobiographical stories, anecdotes and hilarious recollections from a long and eventful life.

In Sixty Funny Stories Eleanor Berry recalls her childhood, the troubled times of her mental illness, the inspiration for her books and how her impish, rebellious character has always got her into trouble - of one sort or another... a dented Aston Martin ... Broken windows at Ian Fleming's home - sharing a quip with Reggie Kray. Told with wit, verve and not a little desire to shock, Sixty Funny Stories is a highly entertaining collection that will appeal to Berry's many existing readers, and provides a perfect introduction to her work for new readers.


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