Stikki the Squirrel

Stikki the Squirrel

By Jane H Wood

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2023


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Categories: Young Children

ISBN: 9781915603548


‘We must always be wary of the longlegs for they are unpredictable and puzzling.’

Join Stikki on his madcap adventures as he leaves his nest and sets off to explore the world around him.

Mischievous and a little reckless, Stikki manages to get himself into scrapes at almost every turn. When Stikki and his sisters, Mollie and Tia, venture out of their familiar surroundings for the first time, life changes dramatically for our little explorers.

Danger and peril lay on their chosen path – and, as with every exciting adventure, there are spills and thrills and good friends to be made along the way.

A whimsical, heartfelt story of friendship, bravery and love for each other.


Jane H. Wood was born in Bristol and previously worked as a senior window display designer for the fashion and retail industry. She is married with two grown-up sons. Jane is the author of the GoldenEars series. Stikki the Squirrel is her third novel and features her own illustrations.


D. G. Torrens (Guest Review) - 01 Aug, 2023

This was such a beautiful story. Stikky, a grey squirrel and his sisters, Mollie and Tia, brave a new world away from their mother's saftey. They set out on a journey and have to learn to survive on their own. Their biggest fear are the longlegs (humans) amongst other wild life threats to their habitat and life. The story is beautifully written, so much so that I could visualise the woods and the animals not forgetting badger of course. There is a show down towards the end where all the woodland animals come up with a genius and funny plan to keep the longlegs away. I could see this book being made into a delightful Disney movie. Highly recommended read for adults and children alike.

Ryan Hale from the USA (Guest Review) - 14 Jun, 2024

"Stikki the Squirrel" by Jane H. Wood is a charming and heartwarming story that appeals to both kids and grown-ups. The book follows the adventures of Stikki, Mollie and Tia, three lovable squirrel siblings, as they face challenges and meet different creatures. Through the story, readers learn about the lives of squirrels, from survival skills to relationships, and gain important lessons about being responsible and showing compassion.

While some words may be difficult for younger readers, the engaging storyline and meaningful messages make it a delightful book. The exciting battle scene towards the end is sure to capture children's attention. "Stikki the Squirrel" is a fantastic addition to any child's book collection and a joy for parents to read with their kids. It is highly recommended for older children and adults who enjoy a well-written story.

Dwayne Shaw. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2024 (Guest Review) - 14 Jun, 2024

This is a very heart-warming and lovable children's story. I was reading this story and it was making me wish I had read more stories like this when I was younger.

Sarah-Jayne Harry (Guest Review) - 20 Mar, 2023

Stikki the Squirrel by Jane H. Wood is a beautiful and heartfelt story about a young squirrels journey into the world and the many adventures he has along the way. Suitable for all ages, Stikki the Squirrel tells the story of the woodland creatures that live among us while also giving us a new perspective on the importance of saving the woodland and its creatures.

Daisy White, Author (Guest Review) - 18 Apr, 2023

'A delightful little middle grade tale with exquisite illustrations. Stikki the Squirrel will be sure to appeal to fans of Colin Dann and Wilson Rawls. The story follows the seasons and the life of a family of squirrels. Stikki encounters many dangerous and entertaining situations as he grows to adulthood. The author clearly has a great love of nature and animals, and her descriptions are quite beautiful.'

Amanda Sheridan, Reviewed in the U.K on June 13th, 2024 (Guest Review) - 14 Jun, 2024

This lovely children's book is a story about Stikki, a young squirrel, and his two sisters. As soon as they are grown to adulthood, they leave their mother and venture out into the world where many wonderful experiences await them as well as all sorts of hazards. They encounter cats, foxes and birds of prey. They relish the warmth of summer where there is plenty of food to sustain them through the endure the cold snow of winter. But it is only when they venture further away that the real dangers become apparent, and Stikki has to use all his skills and courage to help his kin.

Emma Megan - Reviewed for Readers' Favorite July 6th, 2023 (Guest Review) - 01 Aug, 2023

Reviewed by Emma Megan for Readers' Favorite. Awarded 5 Stars. July 6th, 2023.

Stikki the Squirrel by Jane H. Wood is about a brave and clever gray squirrel capable of defeating many threats. This children's book is set in the quiet gardens of a small town in the heart of Wales. Stikki and his two sisters, Mollie and Tia, were born one morning in early spring. When Stikki grew into a handsome young squirrel, he loved to admire his beautiful tail. He and his sisters couldn't wait for their mother to allow them to go outside. When Jubilation Day arrived, they were excited to go on their first excursion outside the nest. Stikki was fascinated with the world, little creatures, and the new sights and smells he discovered each day he went outside. Yet, the harsh winter came, a dangerous season for squirrels, then his sister got lost, and Stikki was forced to perform his first act of bravery.

I loved the book's vibe, writing style, and black-and-white pencil drawings. Stikki the Squirrel by Jane H. Wood is a charming and inspiring book that has an important message of bravery and courage in facing danger. Children will be captivated by this heartwarming story and the adventures of Stikki and his friends. Don't miss out on this delightful adventure of fun, mystery, danger, and peril. You're about to meet a hedgehog, a toad, a cat, a red squirrel, birds, dangerous creatures, Stikki's mate, and the good friends he makes along the way. A wonderful gift for a child who admires these little explorers: squirrels.

Anchor (Guest Review) - 01 Aug, 2023

Read it with my niece, she loved the story and the illustrations, especially the one on p47. She said this book was as good as the book about moomin. I say that is high grade! Highly recommend.

Courtney Moore, Author of Moonlight Walkers: Forbidden Lands (Guest Review) - 27 Mar, 2023

‘Stikki the Squirrel’ is a delightful tale perfect for the younger audience. The story follows a juvenile male squirrel named Stikki as he sets on different adventures with his siblings beyond the comfort of home. He learns quickly about the new world beyond his tiny paws - sight, smells, and the longlegs (humans). There is a lot of life lessons, bonding, and friendship. Author Jane even included illustrations throughout the story that paints the scene for the reader. I highly recommend this cute novel for readers!

Sheena Monnin (Guest Review) - 14 Apr, 2023

Stikki the Squirrel by Jane H. Wood is a delightful read for children and parents alike. The story follows a squirrel family as the three little kits, siblings Stikki, Mollie, and Tia grow up and explore the world around them. As they start to move through the areas around their nest they encounter scary humans, cats, and a plethora of other animals and have to learn how to take care of themselves and each other. Children will learn not only about squirrels and how they navigate the forest, leave the nest to start their own families, and forage for food, but also lessons about looking out for one another and being responsible.

Author Jane H. Wood crafts a compelling plot with lovable characters in her book Stikki the Squirrel. Each part of this enjoyable tale is sure to please readers of all ages! I loved every page!

Reviewed for Stellar Media by Sheena Monnin on April 6 th , 2023

Natasha Murray (Guest Review) - 25 Apr, 2023

Stikki the Squirrel was a delight to read. Young readers will not only enjoy Stikki's adventures but they will marvel at how beautifully written this story is. If you enjoy being in nature then the author, Jane Wood brings Stikki's surroundings alive and her descriptions are realistic and makes you smile. Her illustrations are lovely too. This five star book comes highly recommended for both young and old.

Bernard Jan (Guest Review) - 04 Apr, 2023

To make one thing clear, I usually do not read children’s literature. But I do read animal fiction, and I have read two previous (AMAZING!) YA GoldenEars books by Jane H. Wood, so volunteering to be her early reader of Stikki the Squirrel was a logical thing to do.

I had a good feeling while waiting for an ARC to drop in my mailbox and after reading Stikki, that good feeling remained. Stikki met all my expectations. Just like GoldenEars, it enchanted me with beautiful and detailed descriptions of Stikki’s world and environment. But what blew me away are thirty-five fantastic illustrations drawn by the author herself. Jane H. Wood is more than just a writer that can capture your heart with her books, but also a masterful artist with a skill to make her stories visually attractive as well.

Stikki is too adorable (the squirrel) / (the book), and if you are not a huge fan of children’s books, worry not. All honest readers, no matter their age, who have their hearts and minds open to understanding and appreciating the wonders of the natural world that surround us can easily read this story. And we better preserve it so Stikki and his friends can keep entertaining us and future generations for many years to come.

Wonderful, heart-warming, tender, loveable. What’s not to like about it?

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