The Conscript

The Conscript

By Alastair B. Davie

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2021


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers, Historical

ISBN: 9781913913182


Tom Pearson grows up in an impoverished, north-eastern English city. A socialist by virtue of his upbringing and an unabashed supporter of the Russian communist party. While at University, studying physics, he is seduced by a female lecturer and recruited as a Russian sleeper agent.

He spies for the NKGB providing classified British research into radar and other advanced technologies during the Second World War, before he is turned by MI5. With his help, the agency discovers and prosecute a Russian network of scientists in Britain who had infiltrated its wartime research departments. The reaction of the Russians to his betrayal is ferocious and the NKGB set out to eliminate him… 

After one failed attempt and suspicion of a possible Russian mole in MI5, Tom disappears into post-war Britain in a game of cat and mouse that Tom simply cannot afford to lose… 

Alastair B. Davie is a retired corporate publicist living in Chicago, Illinois. He was born in England in 1945 and lived in Windsor before he was commissioned in the Royal Marines Commando Reserve and served for seven years. He later worked for the Financial Times and Reuters in marketing before moving to the United States in 1976. He retired in 2002 as director of corporate communications for Foster Wheeler Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. His other books include A Sixth Sense and Desperate Conspiracy.


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