The Goblin Pages

The Goblin Pages

By Jamie Ivey

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2023


Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Children

ISBN: 9781915352262


“Sit back and watch.”

“Watch what?”

“Why, the trees grow, of course.”

“That’ll take a lifetime.”


Zach has always been different. Now aged eleven and starting secondary school he wants nothing more than to be like other children. But when the school bully discovers that Zach famously went missing in Sherwood Forest for four years of his life, the teasing starts. If only Zach could remember what happened to him in the forest, he might be able to defend himself. 

With the help of his enigmatic form teacher and his friends, Zach attempts to solve the mystery of his lost years in the woods. He uncovers a centuries-old environmental conflict and magic that could change the world.


Jamie Ivey lives in the South of France with his wife and three daughters. He is the prize-winning author of five books on Provence. His work has been published worldwide and translated into multiple languages. The Goblin Pages is his first children’s book. So far, it’s been unreservedly praised by just two of his children. The third, the eldest, while rating it a good read is insistent that any future books must contain more horses.


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