The Shocking Price of a Pair of Shoes

The Shocking Price of a Pair of Shoes

By Andy Tilley

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Mar 2022


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Categories: Contemporary, Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781914471353


Liam is breezing through life. 

Not even a national lockdown can phase him and why would it? He can simply sit it out; watch the world go by from the safety of his apartment balcony. 

It’s a good plan and it would have worked too had it not been for the bearded homeless guy hanging out on the park bench below. 

When Liam mistakenly crosses him, there is no stopping the series of darkly comic events that follow and that will change Liam’s life forever.

Praise for Andy Tilley’s previous novel, Recycling Jimmy:

“Recycling Jimmy is energetic, imaginative, relentlessly and unabashedly vulgar, and at times, funny enough to make a cranky reviewer laugh out loud. This belongs on every eccentric fiction fan’s short list of oddball black comedies...” Booklist

Andy Tilley writes with a frank, no holds barred approach to storytelling, combined with a sharp wit developed as an essential survival tool growing up in Manchester. Darkly comic, the thoughts and ideas expressed in his books will not only bring laughs but often force the reader to consider aspects of life that most of us usually try to ignore. An oil field worker by day, Andy has lived in places as diverse as the vast Siberian steppes, the majestic Sahara Desert and Morecambe.


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