The Tales of Harry Also

The Tales of Harry Also

By Celia Norman Smith

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Publication Date: 28 Nov 2022


Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Children

ISBN: 9781915352309


Meet Harry Also: storyteller and scarecrow, who lives in an organic vegetable garden at the foot of the Campsie Fells, ‘between here and there’. He is an optimist, a patient fellow, after all he can’t go anywhere, and recounts numerous stories to the fairy folk of Handbag Wood.

Harry, along with his best friends Peawee (the Wuidwisp) and Button-Box (a cheeky crow) will show readers just how strong a community can be through support, love and adventure.

Can Harry stay awake to see a Shetland lamb born? Will he experience the taste of warm honey? And can he save his friend from the vengeful clutches of the Droigs? Everything seems so serene until Peawee reveals a traumatic secret. Will the compassion of Harry Also unite them to allow Peawee to overcome their history and save them all from evil?

An inspiring Scottish tale for readers aged 10+, who learn that with inner strength and strong friendship even the deepest of emotional wounds can be healed.


Celia Norman Smith studied at Brighton Art College for a BA Hons. Art and Design. After working at Mount Cook Sheep Station, New Zealand, she retrained as a shepherd. Living off the land in Scotland also created a passion for writing and drawing. The natural environments and community care of different cultures influenced her life. Now living in Angus, Scotland, she loves wild gardening, wild swimming and being a tad wild herself.


Wybo Vanderschuit (Guest Review) - 12 Dec, 2022

What a refreshing perspective!

Beyond the city lights, free from the demands of deadlines and devices, there is a simpler existence.

Celia Norman Smith takes us into a realm where many have never ventured, a world most of us take for granted. With an intimacy found only through personal experience, Celia weaves a tapestry through farms and woodlands, of natural cycles of growth and decay, of simpler pleasures and the value of friendship.

It is a way of looking at things that we could all enjoy.

Simply brilliant!

Devika Ponnambalam, author of I AM NOT YOUR EVE. Shortlisted for The Sir Walter Scott Prize 2023 (Guest Review) - 18 Aug, 2023

Congratulations to you on writing such a powerful and heart-warming tale!

It is so multi-layered and for ALL ages. Educational and deep. I found it very moving in many places. It will stay with me.

I have learned so much about the natural world through your eyes; structured around the four seasons and how it comes full circle 'Spring is an impression of immortality'. I felt the absolute love in your writing shine through for the characters and nature as a whole; the detailed descriptions of the flowers, trees, birds, bees and animals; in the spiritual dimension of life through the descriptions of the fairy world. Fairy dust and fairy magic and fairy lights - beautiful!

The characters are all so lovingly woven around one another. Many powerful moments from the birth of a lamb to the attack on Peawee (heart-rending and gripping). I thought it very clever how this episode became a metaphor for the taking away of the innocence of a child.

Beautiful illustrations too. Adds to the uniqueness of the book."

Philip Smith (Guest Review) - 14 Dec, 2022

Having just finished this beautiful book, both in the written word and the illustrations, my feelings are of beauty, sadness, joy, hope and love. Woven into this fairy tale are all the joys and horrors of life with joy and love coming out as the winners when those around you never forget who you are and are there to guide and help you as you would guide and help them.
I feel as though I've known a few parts of Harry and his friends lives as if I've been there and so appreciate those parts even more.
I've learned so many new things from the intricacies of making honey to the art of growing your own fruit and vegetables to the wonders of lambing. There is so much to learn from this book for both children and adults.
I look forward to the second book and Harry's further stories.

Monika Fuhrer-Baumann, Switzerland (Guest Review) - 13 Jan, 2023

What a lovely story: How nicely Celia manages to describe nature! She makes the reader smell and feel the plants, the animals with their noises and scents. And the thrilling stories and how the characters all mature and support each other in the process - just wonderful!
The woodcut illustrations show her great talent and handicraft skills. She has created a truly gorgeous book.

Annie Turtle (Guest Review) - 11 Dec, 2022

I love this book, its so magical to read, especially out loud. The imagery and references to nature are particularly moving and inspiring. It stands out from so many other kids books as it has moments of real depth where the characters must come together to solve a community problem and support their friend, while being wrapped in the magic of a fairytale. With beautiful illustrations that leave just enough to the imagination, it is enjoyable to read as an adult and to read to a child. Poetically written, it makes for a wonderful bedtime story.

David Birley (Guest Review) - 05 Dec, 2023

‘Harry Also’ is a great read ! Lovely characters like Harry himself , Button-box and Moleskin, but exciting story-line involving the nasty Droigs. So you read on, needing to know what happens, and Celia Norman Smith weaves in a lot of lovely nature descriptions and wildlife observations. Then you have the humans and their garden and the ethereal Peawee, one of a group of Wuidwisps, central to the battles with the Droigs. Exciting, beautifully written book for anyone over about 8 - 10 years old.

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