The Forever Moment

The Forever Moment

By Paul A. Mendelson

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2023


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Categories: Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781915603852


When an acclaimed Scottish author, on a book tour to the US to promote his latest romantic novel, The Forever Moment, meets a young woman who looks strikingly similar to a long-lost love from a high-school exchange to Kentucky, he wonders if he left behind more than memories twenty-two years ago.

But when he digs deeper and is finally reunited with his lost love, who he thought had abandoned him after a whirlwind romance, he discovers that life isn’t quite like the plot of a trashy novel. And some memories can hold you back as well as spur you on.

The Forever Moment is a wryly funny, dramatic and gripping story that takes us back to the first heady stirrings of teenage romance. It examines how we hold onto and romanticise the past, which can stop us moving forward. And that, with maturity, comes a deeper understanding.


Paul A. Mendelson is a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and author. He has created several much-loved BBC comedies, including May to December and My Hero, and also the Martin Clunes cancer drama Losing It. His work is shown in the UK, US and all over the world. He has also written seven acclaimed novels, including two for middle-grade children. Three have been optioned for movies. Paul lives in London.


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