The Look

The Look

By Lee Coates

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2023


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781915603647


Jim is a self-employed web developer living in Cardiff. Successful professionally, the future also looks rosy for his personal life, having recently proposed to his girlfriend, Ffion. However, when the couple decide to celebrate their engagement with his much-loved dad, Callum, Jim’s world is tilted on its axis.

Jim is convinced he spotted his dad staring at him – just for a split second – with a look of pure hatred. Did he imagine it? However, when a series of bizarre and catastrophic events strike Jim’s life in quick succession, he starts to wonder if the look he received from his father could mean something.

Eventually, Callum makes a confession that will lead to the total collapse of Jim’s life as he knows it…


After having two kids, Lee Coates had almost given up on ever fulfilling his dream of writing a novel, spare time being so precious. However, a light-bulb moment occurred during one of his sons’ extracurricular activities. These interminable minutes needn’t be dead time. Lee can be regularly found writing at the side of football pitches, swimming pools and tennis courts in his hometown of Cardiff.


Oisin O'Halloran (Guest Review) - 26 Jun, 2023

Some first novel! Thought it was great and look forward to more from the author

Paul Robertson (Guest Review) - 28 Apr, 2023

An excellent read, thoroughly enjoyable!

Kerry (Guest Review) - 07 May, 2023

Have to say this has been a cracking read from start to finish.

The Cardiff setting really brought this to life for me alongside anecdotes, comedic quips and descriptions of random tangents of thought the brain can take.

Probably best described as a horror thriller, the book quickly lures you in especially after a particular incident involving seagulls and the events just keep on building from there and it all ends with an emotive chapter that leaves you wanting more.

Honestly this is a top read and wish Lee all the luck with this book ... and hopefully many more to follow. A* effort in my humble opinion.

Graham (Guest Review) - 05 Jun, 2023

Well done Lee , an intriguing and original first novel !

Josh (Guest Review) - 12 Nov, 2023

Amazing author and I can't wait too see his next book

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