By C.B. Wilde

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2022


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781915352040


Trion is under siege. One young boy tries to save the city and his family with the only weapons he has – courage and imagination. But first he must unlock the secret locked in the mind of a rebellious teenage girl….

Torn between his practical and militaristic father, and the eccentric views of his teacher Fidias, the ‘Image-maker’, Zeth increasingly feels that he’s different to those around him. When Fidias reveals an alternative history, bringing into question some of the very myths and ideas upon which the city is founded, Zeth’s entire world is rocked. Which version of events actually took place?

It won’t take much for the city to fall, and it’s up to Zeth to take action himself to save it.


C.B. Wilde is a former academic and teacher. He has published articles in academic journals on the history and philosophy of science. His debut novel, Trion, was inspired by drama lessons he gave during his teaching career. He lives in North Yorkshire.


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