Vermisst: Missing in Russia

Vermisst: Missing in Russia

By Jonathan Nicholas

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 May 2023


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781915603661


Young Paul Goetz loves aeroplanes and so joins the Luftwaffe as soon as he can. Like so many, he’s taken in, swept along in the unquestioning tide of excitement, keen to be airborne as a fighter pilot.

His first posting sees him sent to Leningrad in December 1941. His squadron shoot down huge numbers of enemy aeroplanes and victory seems certain, but the war drags on for a second winter, becoming increasingly difficult. Comrades are lost or reported ‘Vermisst’ – missing – and he learns of terrible German activities across the east. Then, Paul’s nightmare becomes reality, when his engine fails behind enemy lines, and he is captured…

Vermisst: Missing in Russia is a rarity; an English-language novel written from a German viewpoint. Rich in historical details and packed with exciting aerial combat scenes, it is a gripping war story of extreme conditions, and survival in the harshest captivity.


Jonathan Nicholas has been a full-time author since retiring from the police in 2014. His previous books include Kittyhawk Down: Dennis Copping & ET574, published in 2020. Jonathan uses his love of aeroplanes and flying to produce another exciting World War II aviation thriller, Vermisst: Missing in Russia.


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