A Night With Damien Spur

A Night With Damien Spur

By Nina Saville

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2024


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Categories: Contemporary, Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781835740804


When a famous novelist falls for the wrong woman, all his demons come up for review.

Damien Spur, charismatic thriller writer, is the rock star of the literary world. Yet behind his public façade lies a troubled soul, addicted to the devil's trinity: sex, drugs, and alcohol.

When he meets ruthless beauty, Lady Elizabeth Maitland, who wins a night with him at a charity auction, his life spirals out of control. Consumed by obsessive love and jealousy, Damien's descent culminates in a desperate act.

Saved from the brink by chance, he embarks on a journey of redemption. 

Along the way he encounters the women who shape his path, from Anna, an aspiring novelist whom he mentors – and beds, to the ghost of his first wife, whose past lies finally unravel.

Amidst it all, The Voice, the wisecracking companion inside his head, guides him through the stormy seas of his existence. 

A Night with Damien Spur is a romantic comedy tinged with darkness, delving into the tumultuous realm of unrequited love. 


Nina Saville’s career spans theatre, film, and television, showcasing her talents both on-screen and behind the scenes as a producer. She has also worked in journalism as a feature and travel writer for various magazines and online platforms. A Night with Damien Spur is Nina’s debut novel.


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