Bertrand and Wally Tackle the Clovehitch Virus Crisis

Bertrand and Wally Tackle the Clovehitch Virus Crisis

By Eric Carroll

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2022


Categories: Young Adult

ISBN: 9781914471995


“William Hiccup,” said Bertrand, “you are evidently suffering from THE CLOVEHITCH VIRUS!”

“Well, I’ll be a popped-lipped wrong-hipped wobbity-wiggled-wobbled wonky-legged son-of-a-peg-legged clove-hitching post!”

When Bertrand the beetle and Wally, a woodland wasp with a waspy mind, set off on a journey through the wood of Lower Tinklewigglebottom to Bertrand’s good friend Professor Clapperstein’s Research Institute, their voyage is abound with incidents and meetings of other insect acquaintances.

A notable earwig scientist, inventor and discoverer, Professor Clapperstein has made a discovery from a human landfill site that will take the group on an adventure through time and space… But will the threat of the Clovehitch Virus Crisis follow them to this new world of aliens and medieval knights?

As Bertrand the Beetle himself would say: “A Book as Bouncy, Bountiful and Brilliant as a King-Cut Kindled Candle.”


Eric Carroll left school at 14 and joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant, serving for fifteen years. Since then, he has been a professional chef, a college lecturer in Bermuda, poet and traveller, amateur photographer and muralist, a ranchero in Mexico, bartender, EFL teacher, and a VSO Volunteer in Egypt. Now retired, Eric is presently occupied in editing and redrafting a string of stories he wrote in earlier years.


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