Bonfire Season

Bonfire Season

By Jerry Crowther

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Apr 2023


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Categories: Humour

ISBN: 9781915352668


Adam Brook is an insurance investigator tasked with exploring a case of suspected arson in the village of Leviton on the south-west coast of England. Questions surround a Mr Askew, who inherited the property and recently had planning permission refused…

As he pursues the truth about the fire over the course of forty-eight hours, Adam quickly finds himself out of his depth in the close-knit community. In this dark comedy of games, claims and combustion, the visitor discovers that in Leviton buildings aren’t the only things subject to kindling.


Jerry Crowther lives in West Berkshire with his wife. While working as an EFL teacher in London, he wrote a number of pilot scripts for the BBC comedy department; none of these were ultimately produced, nor was any money. After spending the next few years renovating listed buildings and constructing eco houses in Devon, he returned to writing fiction relatively recently. Bonfire Season is his second novel.


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