The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

By Martin M. McShane

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: July 28, 2021


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers, Historical

ISBN: 9781913913076


A Pope and a King conspire in secret to rid themselves of the Holy Order of Knights. One because they have become too powerful, the other because he owes them a vast fortune. They lure the Holy Order to Poitiers castle where assassins lay in wait for their arrival.

After witnessing the massacre, three brothers escape from their captors and head for England and home. They are pursued every step of their journey by Mercenaries in the pay of the French King. If captured, they face certain death.

During their flight, bitter divisions arise between the brothers on how best to take revenge on the French King. Following an acrimonious power struggle, one of the brothers gets what he wished for while the others are left to suffer their fates at his hands.

Martin M. McShane now lives in North London. Before a highly successful career in international finance, he lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia. While contracting with the Royal Australian Navy he was in charge of secure communications for warships at anchor in Sydney harbour. When he returned to the UK, he got a job with a firm in the City dealing in international asset management. He now works as a programme manager specialising in implementing web-based Stock Exchange systems. He is the author of Vladimir’s Diary


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