Living with the Dead

Living with the Dead

By Philip G Reed

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Feb. 28, 2020


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Categories: Historical, Romance

ISBN: 9781913208271


On an archaeological dig in 1930s India, Rebecca pursues love but violence and a lone man on the mountain disrupt her plans. The excavations reveal dramatic finds but there is more danger present than Rebecca and the team realise. She must fight her way up the wild Indian coast to discover the truth.

Almost eighty years later, Magsie also struggles north on her own journey – to Scotland. Driven onward by a story of shattered lives from her youth, she must save her grand-daughter from the prejudices of the 21st century.

Philip G Reed grew up in the south of England and read Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, followed by a masters in Archaeology in Durham. He later converted to law and now specialises in advising charities and not-for-profits at a London law firm. Philip lives in Godalming, Surrey.

Philip says, “This particular book was ultimately inspired by the awful Reverend Casaubon, from Eliot’s ‘Middlemarch’, and particularly his memorable line, ‘I feed too much on the inward sources; I live too much with the dead.’  I wanted to write about the hold that the dead still have over the living, the mortmain that’s in so many of our lives, and that can either be a guide and friend, or a sad encumbrance.”


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