Why, Mummy?

Why, Mummy?

By Amy-Scarlett Nicholson-Jones Melanie Nicholson-Jones

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2021


Categories: Picture Books, Young Children

ISBN: 9781913913069


Four-year-olds ask a lot of questions! Studies show they ask around 200-300 questions per day and Why, Mummy? is a picture storybook aimed at inquisitive 3-6-year-olds.

Mummy and Sam are preparing to go out and Mummy asks Sam to put on his hat, coat, boots, gloves and scarf. Sam keeps asking ‘Why?’, ‘Why?’, ‘Why?’ to each request to put on extra items of clothing – and ultimately gets a slightly exasperated response from his Mummy!

Carers will be very familiar with Sam’s endless stream of questions and will enjoy the clever twist in the tale. Why, Mummy? has been designed to be read aloud by a parent or carer or can be read independently by fledgling readers. 

Melanie Nicholson-Jones trained as a journalist and worked as a news reporter on regional and national newspapers for several years, before going into PR and media relations when her children were young as it was more family-friendly. She has a first-class BA Hons degree in Social Sciences from the University of Westminster and achieved her qualification in journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. Melanie works as a PR and marketing consultant and copywriter and lives near Newbury in Berkshire.  Together Melanie and Amy-Scarlett Nicholson-Jones form the mother-daughter creative partnership behind Why, Mummy? Amy-Scarlett has a BA Hons in Fashion and Costume Design from Birmingham City University and an MA in Theatre Design from UAL (University of the Arts, London, Wimbledon College of Arts.)


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