Evil River

Evil River

By Keith Jacobsen

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Feb. 28, 2020


Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781913208301


What secrets do the river hide?

Alan Harris, an old school Oxford Don comfortable in his enclosed academic world, leads an outwardly contented life, until the body of one of his students, Simon, is discovered in the river, his empty punt moored nearby.

The verdict is suicide. But Simon seemed happy and confident. And why does his family show no emotion at the loss of their son?

Meeting Simon’s closest friend, Alban, leads only to more questions and Alan starts to suspect there is much more to the tragedy than meets the eye...

Keith Jacobsen was born in Liverpool, educated at St Catherine’s College, Oxford and now lives in Hertfordshire. He was in the civil service until 1999 but now enjoys writing and teaching piano. He is the author of Place of a Skull (Thames River Press, 2013) and Sisters of Fury (Book Guild, 2015).


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